Motown artist Jimmy Ruffin released the hit song “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted” in the summer of 1966. Being a child of the 1990s, I only remembered the 1991 Paul Young version from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes (deep cut, I know). Unbeknownst to either artist, decades later the ballad would be referenced in a blog post about happy hours.

The question remains…what did become of the broken hearted? My guess is they probably ended up in one, or all, of these fine Santa Barbara happy hour establishments enjoying discounted (but still high-quality) adult beverages and snacks.

Pickle Room

When you want to feel some good, old-fashioned comfort. Upon entering this softly-lit and charming location, you’ll settle into one of the cozy, red booths. When the front door closes you feel like you’re in a cocoon, protected from the mean streets of Santa Barbara. The retro style, strong cocktails, and comforting snacks will snap you out of the “pickle” you’re in, even if just for a little while.

Boathouse Santa Barbara

When you want to show everyone how “fine” you are (and possibly be seen looking fabulous by your ex’s best friend). The Boathouse is a hot spot in Santa Barbara, especially when the sun is shining as it tends to do. Its popularity is also boosted by the beach-front location, $8 blood orange margaritas, and chowder fries that showcase the fresh seafood. Getting a table can take a while, but that just gives you more time to be spotted out and about being happy and gorgeous.

Crocodile Bar

When you want to go out but you’re also worried you might run into the ex. Let’s face it. This is a small town, and those you want to see least always seem to end up in your orbit. When you’re broken hearted, let the Crocodile’s tiki-themed patio, with its comfy seats and fire pits, be your State Street oasis. It’s a hidden gem we only remember exists when someone mentions it; we’ve all meant to go but just haven’t yet. Let your broken heart guide you to this establishment and ask for the happy hour mai tai.

Fieldside at Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club

When you want to find your rebound. Santa Barbara’s local royals The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (AKA Harry and Meghan), are known to frequent this ritzy spot. Ritzy people beget ritzy people, so what better way to rebound than with a member of high society? No one needs to know you ordered from the price-aware menu. Who knows? You may even end up in the next issue of Santa Barbara Magazine.

Celebration Happy Hour Cruise

When you want to celebrate your newfound freedom. I had the pleasure of boarding this cruise during summer, and there were plenty of people celebrating — engagements, birthdays, impending nuptials. But perhaps this happy hour cruise is a chance to reclaim and redefine the reasons we celebrate. What feels like a heartbreak now could very well just be the liberation you needed to wade into uncharted waters. What better way to celebrate a new horizon than on a ship, gentle breeze blowing and bubbly rosé in hand. You can plot your adventures while watching the sky change from pink to orange as the last rays of sun fall behind the ocean.

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