I started babysitting when I was about 11 years old. Why anyone trusted me with their children when I thought my LA Gear shoes were the epitome of cool is beyond me, but I digress. As an enterprising girl, I charged $5 an hour (big money at that age), but with my years of experience, I was obviously worth it right? When I was lucky, a free pizza or Kraft dinner was included.

Well, all you adults who allowed me into your homes to care for your young people, this one’s for you. Consider this list my sincere thanks for the years of providing the funds for my Kissing Koolers collection. Here are the top 5 kid-friendly options for all of you with small children.

Rori's Creamery Kids Happy Hour

Ice cream is pretty much the ultimate treat as a kid. We used to hit up Swenson’s when it was time to celebrate or to soothe the pain of a bad day. With large and mini scoop options of flavors like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, honey lavender, and peanut butter chocolate candy swirl (my fave), it’s obvious we’ve come a long way from frozen bubble gum balls suspended in icy vanilla.

Understanding our lifelong relationship with ice cream, Rori’s will give kids a free scoop of ice cream with every scoop you purchase. This is the true definition of a happy hour. Find this yummy deal daily from 3:00-4:00 pm at Rori’s Santa Barbara, Montecito and Carpinteria locations.

Yellow Belly Kids Happy Hour
Based on the consistent lines, the San Roque crowd is quite thrilled to have Yellow Belly in the neighborhood. The food is always deliciously solid, and the drink menu is diverse and impresses even the snobbiest of beer snobs.

And Yellow Belly encourages its big and little customers to hang out as long as desired with its own private, fenced play areas! Adults can secure a seat on the charming back patio to enjoy a craft beer paired with a mushroom sausage pizza (discounted of course) while the kids create their own happy hour in an exclusive toy haven.

Kyle's Kitchen Kids Happy Hour
Taking kids out to eat can be a pricey – and risky – venture. Notoriously finicky, kids are famous for taking two bites, then leaving a plateful of unfinished food.

Kyle’s Kitchen has accounted for this with its happy hour and kids’ menus! All day Saturday and daily from 3:00-5:00 pm, adults can get a $4 beer, $5 wine, or a combo–burger or chicken sandwich paired with fries and a beer for $15. The $7 kids’ menu has tried and true favorites like Kyle’s Krispy chicken strips and burgers. With deals like these, this happy hour seems low risk, high reward to me.

Hibatchi Steak House Kids Happy Hour
This restaurant is like dinner and a show for kids. The hibachi chef expertly wields the sharp knife, throws it in the air, spins around, and creates a flaming volcano out of an onion. Few things are cooler.

Its happy hour starts at 5:00 pm, meaning it won’t interfere with the bed time routine and you can relish a $5 draft beer or wine and a few $5 sushi rolls or fried rice appetizers before the main attraction of hibachi filet, chicken, or seafood. You’ll be home by 7:00 with a fully satisfied child. Just don’t blame me when “hibachi chef” is the preferred profession when asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Shoreline Cafe Kids Happy Hour
Growing up in Santa Barbara, memories are made at the beach. Who among us didn’t spend hours building sand castles and digging the biggest hole possible (unclear why)?

Shoreline is seriously one of the quintessential ways to enjoy the coastal lifestyle. Toes literally in the sand watching the surfers, sailboats, and sunbathers. Monday-Friday from 4:00-6:00 pm, bring the kids for happy hour and let them run free while you recline in a blue adirondack, a memorable margarita in one hand, chips and guac in the other.

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